2021-2022 Teacher of the year! 


Ms. Long is one of our veteran teachers in MGSD with 24 years of classroom experience! Her educational philosophy is to create a safe and nurturing classroom environment that allows students to feel comfortable taking risks and growing. She works to ensure her students love learning and also love and support each other. She has high expectations for her students to try their best and encourage their friends to be the best they can be each day. She believes it is important to instill in her students a desire to be both life long learners, as well as great people. Ms. Long received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from UNCC in 1997 and is National Board Certified. MGSD is so happy that Ms. Long has chosen to spend her career with MGSD!

2021-2022 Beginning Teacher of the year! 

MS. courtney cairelli  

Ms. Cairelli has had a connection with the MGSD ever since she started attending school in the district in the third grade! Her years as a student at MGSD made her realize she wanted to make an impact for the next generations as an educator and a leader in the Mooresville community. Ms. Cairelli believes that as a teacher she has a responsibility to not only teacher her students the curriculum, but to also help mold them to be well-rounded individuals. Ms. Cairelli received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, K-6 Licensure, with a minor in Sociology from UNCC in December 2019. We are so fortunate that MGSD played an important role in her path of education while growing up and continues to play an important role in her life as an educator!

2021-2022  MGSD custodian of the year 

Ms. Renee Graham 

2021-2022  Park View Custodian of the YeaR

Mr. michael nemet 

2021-2022 Park View bus driver  of the YeaR

Ms. charolotte quinn 

2021-2022 Park View School Nutrition Employee of the Year 

ms. angela ferrell